Undergraduate Mentorship:

  • Xuyang Tian (UCLA). Graduate school: Duke University.
  • Yuchen Luo (HKU). Graduate school: Northwestern University.
  • Jiaqi Li (SYSU). Graduate school: UCAS.
  • Pengyu Li (UCLA). Graduate school: University of Michigan.
  • Allen Zou (UCSD).

REU Mentorship:

  1. Summer 2019: LA Homicide Dataset Study, with Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). Students: Elijah Gross-Sable (UCLA), Jacky Lee (Harvey Mudd), Xia Li (UCLA), Tyler Sam (Harvey Mudd), Nathan Sands (CCNY).

  2. Summer 2019: Evaluating effectiveness of the Gang Reduction and Youth Development program with dynamic mode decomposition, with GRYD Foundation. Students: Zehan Chao (UCLA), Zheyuan Cui (UCLA), Avery Edson (UCLA), Yihuan Huang (UCLA), Cesar Guajardo (SMC), Xingjia Wang (UCLA), Zhanyuan Yin (UCLA).

RIPS Mentorship:

  1. Summer 2020: Parallel time integration for constrained optimization, with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL). Students: Caroline Hills (Notre Dame), Michael Kielstra (Harvard), Dylan King (Wake Forest), Matthew Torrence (Gettysburg).